Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Teleprompter? Really?

I didn't watch Obama's first press conference, but did he really need a teleprompter to answer questions?
Apparently, Obama is looking to install a computer screen into the podium so that, according to one Obama adviser, "It would make it easier for the comms guys to pass along information without being obvious about it."
Is he not able to study the topics and give an answer of his own? And Bush is the dumb one?


Miss T.C. Shore said...

This doesn't really surprise me. I've begun to refer to Obama as the "most articulate idiot in America."

Anonymous said...

I give Obama this, when he talk's we CAN understand him! The computer screen in the podium does make sense, think about it people.

Christopher Lee said...

Yeah, we can understand him alright. "Fuck you, Americo. I'm sorry, someone made a typo on my teleprompter. Hey, Rahm, is this really what I want to say? It is? Ok. Fuck you, America."

Unknown said...

Dubya's people would have had him reading a teleprompter if they could have - there's no way the people around him (and responsible for babysitting him) would have been happy having him making a fool of himself on a regular basis the way he did. It also requires that he be able to read.
The problem for George with a teleprompter is it's another thing to concentrate on, and George was in way over his head just trying to make sense.

"And Bush is the dumb one?" - yep. If it wasn't for the nepotism he'd be a perfect example for the oft-repeated claim that really anyone can be president of america!

What's the big deal about a teleprompter? They are commonplace in television for that kind of thing.
...and governments have been spending millions of dollars on media consultants for a long time - why not use all the tools available to get information delivered as effectively as possible.
Anyone who has delivered a public address/lecture/press release etc will tell you that having relevant info available; be it prompts or an outline, is a good idea.

I know I'm sick of poor excuse for answers that politicians around the world routinely deliver, if Obama keeps the american people better informed is that a bad thing?

Christopher Lee said...

"What's the big deal about a teleprompter?"

It shows he doesn't know a damn thing and can't think on his own and needs people to give him the answers.

Unknown said...

"It shows he doesn't know a damn thing and can't think on his own and needs people to give him the answers."

That's a bit simplistic, it shows that he doesn't know it all. I'd be worried by a leader that thinks they do...
but leaders have had staff looking-up details, doing research and offering advise for as long as there have been leaders. Should the President sack all his staff and run the government single-handed? ...or utilise all the tools available?

If you can accept that a leader has staff that work for them, is it such a bad thing if more precise answers are given (eg. giving full break-down of funding allocated or a specific component, rather than giving key points).
It's an opportunity for increased transparency of process, who care if the guy is getting some additional information if he is actually going to answer questions (as opposed to the politician's stock in trade 'the non-answer').

No, wait, you're right, someone else is going to answer the questions... they are called a 'press secretary'. Or perhaps it's part of some elaborate plan to help terrorists destroy america... you know it's the only reason that Obama ran for office..
I'm loving how folks here are finding every small (seemingly innocent) detail as part of some greater outrage. John K is still winning that competition with the claim that liberals will re-introduce gas-chambers a la German Nazi Party.

Yep. so the leader of america 'doesn't know a damn thing' - he's out to destroy everything you value.