Monday, February 2, 2009

Change? I Think Not

Bill Richardson, Timothy Geithner and now Tom Daschle. What ever happened to "Politics Of Change" and "A New Age Of Responsibility"? At least Richardson had the decency to withdraw his name. Geithner and Daschle should be in prison, not in cabinet seats. When Obama won the election and I posted an image of a tombstone with the declaration "The Day America Died", this is exactly what I was talking about. My America is dead. The America where people get punished for crimes, not promoted. But sadly, this started happening long before Obama won the election. But he's now part of the problem with his nominees and this "stimulus" package that will do nothing but hurt us even more than we already are. And the media, and most Republicans, are largely silent on these matters. America, my America, was on life support. Obama's election was it's last gasp. Optimistic of the future? Not me.

And here's another one. What is it with Obama and picking people who can't pay their taxes?

Tom Daschle shows he has a brain after all. Now, when we see him in a jail cell? I won't be holding my breath.