Saturday, February 14, 2009

VD Madness

Up a Wal-Mart today and the place was packed. I don't like crowds. Hate them. But anyway, as soon as you walked in the doors you were inundated with Valentine's Day crap. People were scooping up candy, flowers and stuffed animals like they were going out of style. The guy ahead of me, the first thing he grabbed as he walked in was a huge 3, maybe 4, foot stuffed bear. Is this were we are today? Saying "I Love You" five times a day, every day, doesn't cut it any more. The only way to show someone you actually love them is to buy them some metal and rocks? Question for you ladies. If your mate were to come in on this holiest of holy days with nary a gift, or didn't even mention what day it was, would you be upset? Why or why not.


BetteJo said...

I don't care about the gift, but some extra sweetness and love are always appreciated. I would be hurt I think, if there wasn't even a mention of it on the day.
I might be mad if he brought me a 3 foot stuffed animal though! My God - who has room for that kind of thing??

Anonymous said...

He didnt come in with a gift, and didnt mention the day. Matter of fact he didn't even come home and NO...I wasnt upset. Why? Because his early morning phone call meant he was safe and sound one more day in Iraq. It's all a matter of perspective.

Unknown said...

"VD madness"
lol. Great title!

Anonymous said...

Ya cheap wingnut!