Friday, December 5, 2003
Saw a site on a few news shows today, thought I would share it with you. Babes Against Bush. It's a bunch of half-naked models hocking their Anti-Bush calendar. When you go there, the home page has something on there that I find damn amusing. "you don't have to be beautiful to hate George W. Bush, but you've sure got to be ugly to like him". Damn, it's finally been confirmed. I'm ugly. Calling people who like Bush ugly. Sounds like an insult to me. And we all know that insults are the language of the ignorant. It's the man backed in a corner that lashes out in anger. So this is what the Dems have been reduced to? The economy is getting better. The majority of the people support Bush's actions in Iraq. So they have to use nice looking, naked, women to try and get their message across. It's actually ingenious. If they bring out a calendar like this against Dean after he wins the nomination, you can damn well bet I'm going to have one on my wall. One last note, read the reasons why Bush sucks. I'll give you my three favorite reasons they have. 22. Fox News. President Bush sucks because of Fox News. That’s a good one. I didn’t now Bush had anything to do with Fox News. 89. Supports nuclear power. Now aren't these the same people who love the French? And don't the French use nuclear power? And 94. Can't drive a Segway. Damn, I didn't know riding one of those was a pre-requisite for being president of the United States.
God Bless America