Monday, December 22, 2003
Like the Where's The Beef reference? Some may be too young to remember. But anyway, I was looking at some blogs this morning and I came across one that I really liked. I'm trying to get a link for it. On one of this blogs posts, the author made a great observation. Remember when Bush's twins were caught drinking? The media were all over it. But, Al Gore's son was arrested for possession of marijuana, reckless driving and suspended from his over priced private school. Where's the media on this? I haven't heard anything about this on the news channels. And something I didn't even know about. Howard Dean's son was arrested for breaking and entering a home to steal alcohol. What? Where was the media on this one. The only reason I knew about Gore's kid was because I read in on the internet last week. Well, I guess rich kids will be rich kids.
God Bless America