Thursday, December 11, 2003
Now that Saddam is gone and Iraq needs help, people want in. France, Germany, Canada and Russia all want in on the rebuilding of Iraq. They want to take part in getting some the lucrative contracts. Germany and Canada have been more helpful as of late. They've send money to help with the rebuilding, but France and Russia have stood in our way every step of the way. I say fuck France and Russia. They've done nothing to help, why the hell should they benefit from the yellow streaks running down their backs? And now the U.N. is calling for unity. Where were they a year ago when we asked them for help? They snubbed their noses at us hoping we would fail so they could say, "We told you so". But now that we've succeeded and Saddam is gone, now they want to "help". Yeah, help their wallets. France, Russia and the U.N. can all go to hell. Unless you've help, you deserve nothing.
God Bless America