Tuesday, December 9, 2003
I was watching Fox News this morning. They had two people talking about Christmas trees. The woman on there was bitching and moaning about how Christmas trees, and the decorations in general, offend her. She was saying that they shouldn't be in public display. That they should only be displayed in our homes or churches. She went on about how the Christmas tree offends Jews. The other one, a Jew himself, kept trying to get it through her head that he wasn't offended by Christmas decorations. But that he was offended by the small group of people who don't celebrate Christmas trying to tell those that do celebrate it what to do. So, because a few people are offended by Christmas decorations, we should take them down? Well, I'll tell you what offends me. Painting a picture of the Virgin Mary and then covering it with elephant shit. Now because that offended so many people, why didn't they take that down? Rap music and the message it sends offends a lot of people. Why don't they get rid of it?

Lastly, we're getting our first snowfall of the season today. As the song says, "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas". Come on snow.

God Bless America