Tuesday, December 2, 2003
On a recent appearance on MSNBC's show "Hardball" the Democratic presidential front-runner told host Chris Matthews that he wants "break up" the Fox News Channel along with other conservative news outlets owned by media baron Rupert Murdoch. Dean went on to say "Eleven companies in this country control 90 percent of what ordinary people are able to read and watch on their television". I guess Dean's never heard of the countless other news channels, broadcast channels, news papers, NPR or the magazines that are available on the news stands all over the country. Matthews then asked Dean "Would you break up Fox? ... Rupert Murdoch has 'The Weekly Standard.' It has got a lot of other interests. It has got the New York Post. Would you break it up?" To which Dean responded "On ideological grounds, absolutely yes".

He wants to get rid of Fox News just because it's a Conservative news channel? I guess Dean just doesn't like people to have freedom of speech in this country, unless that speech leans to the left. To read the entire article, click HERE. There's a good part about how when Dean realized that he was starting to put his foot in his mouth, again, he backpedaled.

God Bless America