Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I was watching a documentary this morning called In The Last Days. It followed 5 surviving victims of the holocaust that Hitler brought upon the Jewish people during W.W.II. Very moving film. It talked about what really went on in the concentration camps at that time. One woman who was in one of these camps said that movies that deal with the subject don't even come close to describing what it was really like. It brought me to tears watching this and listening to the stories of these people. And it made me sick to my stomach to know that some in this world see George W. Bush as a bigger evil then Hitler or think that the holocaust was fake. Look at the pictures above. Just stare at them for awhile. Yeah, the man that caused this wasn't so bad. But Bush, oh man, watch out for him. Because he's told the American military to go into Afgahanastan and Iraq to kill the Arabs and Muslim people, steal their oil and enslave them.
God Bless America