Wednesday, December 10, 2003

This is who some want as our next president? Dear God in heaven I hope not. Look at the man. He's full of hate and contempt. He sticks his foot in his mouth so much he call Dr. Scholls when he wants to eat out for dinner. And the media just lets him slip by virtually unscathed. He accused President Bush of knowing that the terrorist attacks on Sep. 11 would happen. He refers to Russia as the "Soviet Union". The Soviet Union hasn't existed for over a decade. If Bush had done something like that, people would be calling him dumb, stupid or a retard. When Bush was running in 2000, people were all over the place saying that he didn't have any experience. That he didn't know how to be president. Well, what experience does Dean have? Where's the criticism of Dean on this subject? I keep hearing that Dean has the White House worried or running scared. What? People really think Bush is sitting in a corner sucking his thumb scared of Howard Dean? No. Sure Dean could win, I think he will personally, but the White House isn't scared of him. I'm going to make a prediction right now. I want someone to copy this and save it somewhere. After the election, if Dean wins, we will see the Democrats go berserk. Gloating, bragging and whole nine yards. There's sore losers, as I'm sure some Republicans will be, but there are also bad winners. I've already excepted this. I'm preparing myself for it. And if Bush looses, I have a quote I like to say. "A great leader is measured not by doing what's popular, but by doing what's right". And that's what Bush did. Or one by Churchill, "A great leader is someone who is willing to put everything on the line, even if it costs him everything".
God Bless America