Monday, December 15, 2003
Who's worse? Adolf Hitler or George W. Bush. Well, conventional wisdom says Hitler's worse. But don't tell that to liberals. They seem to think that George W. Bush is the greater evil. So let's compare the two shall we?

Ordered the genocide of the Jewish people. Had millions of Jews killed in concentration camps. They were tortured, experimented on and starved to death. After he lost WW II, he went underground and killed himself.

Hasn't ordered the genocide of any people. Hasn't killed, or ordered the deaths of millions of people. No concentration camps, tortures, exterminations or starvations.

Well, I guess conventional wisdom wins out once again.

Now, let’s compare Saddam to Hitler.

All the above stuff

Either killed, or ordered the deaths of hundreds of thousands of his own countrymen, women and children. Use sarin and mustard gas on the Kurds in the 80's. Gave refuge to terrorist over the years. When found yesterday, he was hiding underground. Too bad he didn't kill himself like his idol Adolf Hitler.

Now, who's more like Hitler?

God Bless America