Saturday, July 3, 2004
I just don't know what to think about this. Members, it doesn't say who, but we all know it's the Dems, of the House what the U.N. brought to America to oversee the elections this Nov. They're still harping on the 2000 election where Al "Insane Freak" Gore lost to W. Four years and they still can't get over it. *shakes head in sadness*
"As lawmakers, we must assure the people of America that our nation will not experience the nightmare of the 2000 presidential election"
said on anonymous Dem. This is pathetic, Democrats don't seem to think people are smart enough to be able to vote for themselves. Apparently, we need a babysitter.

Credit: Yahoo! News via Brian
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing