Monday, July 5, 2004
First, I hope everyone had a great 4th. And for all you America hating Lefties, I'm sure it was a nightmare. Anyway, here's a question for you. One of the biggest things I hear about Kerry is that he's more qualified to handle the War On Terror because he saw action in Vietnam. That since Bush didn't, he doesn't have the qualification. Here's my question. Does the same apply to "Bubba"? He was never even in the military. Was he qualified order troops into Somalia or the bombing of Afghanistan? The Left seem to think so, but don't seem to think Bush should have sent troops to Evanston or Iraq. Does anyone else smell the Hypocrisy and Double Standard in the room?

The cornerstone for the new Freedom Tower was layed yesterday. One question. Why are they going to cover this thing up? You'd think they'd want it to be seen by everyone who passes the building.
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing