Saturday, July 24, 2004
It's happened again. A group of fans in Livermore, California I'm guessing, walked out on Linda Ronstadt during a concert. She had the people in the palm of her hands while the show was going on. Then towards the end, he again began giving her political views on Moore's F911 and fans began to walk out on her. One fan said in the parking lot,
"She just had to do it"

Another one yelled to a camera crew,
"It was good until the end"

When are these celebs going to figure out that when we pay out hard earned money for a concert, we're not paying for their political views? And Ms. Ronstadt really needs to watch out. There's not too many people that would pay to see her concerts anymore anyway. She doesn't need to be alienating the few that do.

Credit: Instapundit

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