Friday, July 30, 2004
Just watching H&C and Hannity was talking to Jeanne Garofalo. Did anyone else watch this? This girl is wacked out. She kept calling Bush a liar, yet when Sean asked her if Kerry was a liar for saying the same thing about Saddam and WMD, she refused to say it. Kerry was given bad info, but Bush, given the same info, lied. When Sean told her about a recent poll that says 55% of Americans believe Kerry says what people want to hear rather than what he believes, he first words to come out of her mouth? "What what is it? A NewsMax poll." When Sean told her it was an ABC/Washington Post poll, she just kind of stuttered and "Oh". You could see her trying her best not to go into the Democratic talking points of how Bush is an evil Nazi liar. These people can't see the truth for the hatred that clouds their eyes. I use to be a fan of her's. She was a fairly decent actress and not too shabby looking. Then she let the real Jeanne Garofalo out of the bag. She's as insane as Howie D. That's Howard Dean for those readers who weren't with me during the primaries. Then she chopped her hair and dyed it blonde. That was bad. But at least she let it go back to black.

You may have noticed the spinning Earth above. If you'll have a look at my Sitemeter link, you'll see that I've been getting hits from all over the world. Mexico, Italy, Australia, Denmark and others. Mind you, it may only be like 1-2%, but that's still cool.
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing