Sunday, September 10, 2006

In Case You Missed It

German man returns to store he shoplifted from only two days earlier to trade the shoes he stole because they were the wrong size. Did I mention this member of MENSA wore the very clothes he stole?

Spanish man is arrested for threatening a judge. While in court he then proceeds to threaten that judge as well.

A Slovak man crashed with a bus because he was too busy with his penis pump. Actual text from the article. "The man was taken to hospital with head injuries"

An English couple barely escape serious injury or even death by meteorite.

Here's some advice, remove your crack before you take your car in for repairs.

A Louisiana woman was arrested for beating the crap out of a number of police officers. Wait till you read why she did it.

79-year-old woman tries to rob a bank. Damn, the price of Geritol's went up again.

A python in Australia was found in the middle of the road. Oh yeah, it tried to eat a pregnant sheep and couldn't move afterwards. Beware the picture.

A Sudan man is forced to marry a goat. I couldn't stop laughing.

Some interesting facts about the greatest album ever recorded, Dark Side Of The Moon.

New Japanese wheelchair comes complete with toilet. WheelToilet 2.0 will have built in DVD and surround sound.

A lawn gnome could cause an Englishman to go to jail.

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