Saturday, September 2, 2006

Weak As Water

Once again, Europe shows that when it comes to facing a challenge head on they turn tail and run. They showed it with Germany in the 30's, with Hezbollah and now with Iran. Europe is just as useless as the United Nations. Is it any wonder the U.S. become the most powerful country in less than 200 years?

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Anonymous said...

Probably something to do with a policy of non-interaction prior to both WW1 and WW2, boosting the economy by selling weapons to both sides in both instances, and the sheer luck that some European commandoes (Scots if memory serves) took out the Nazi's single heavy water facility, which happened to be further along the nuclear project than the US was.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, forgot to mention - you've yet to prove that Iran's doing anything other than building a power plant.

That could have something to do with Europe being "weak". I think it's called a "lack of hysteria".

Anonymous said...

Yea..after all there shoiuld be nothing "Hysterical" about a zenophobic, apocalyptic, Islamist regime getting a atomic weapon to make good on their threats of wiping Israel off the map. Nothing to see here folks..stop being hysterical and move along.

Anonymous said...

It's xenophobic - learn to spell.

And it's hysteria to suggest that they have nuclear weapons when you have no evidence. Just like it was hysteria to suggest that the US was "already partially occupied" by the Soviet infiltrators, when they had no evidence of that either. But America's working up a history of hysteria, isn't it?

Christopher Lee said...

Za, I know this is purely hypothetical but please humor me. The Nazi concentration camps were first discovered in 1945, I believe. I could be wrong, but let's just say it was 1945. Let's say that in 1943 people all across Eastern Europe begin noticing that somethings wrong. Jews were disappearing. One day a family is living next door then the next day they're gone. People have some idea that the Nazi's are doing something. Then people, with no hard proof, start saying that Hitler is slaughtering Jews by the truck load in death camps. You're telling me that you would still deny it?

Anonymous said...

IAEA latest report to the UN STATED that inspectors HAD found traces of ENRICHED uranium at one Nuclear site in Iran. They filed a complaint and report to the security council.
Enriched uranium is not needed for reactors for energy; but it is the vital component for weapons.

Anonymous said...

1) Chris, there's a difference between those two situations. One (the Nazis), there is clear evidence - people are disappearing. Clear sinister bent to that, and combine it with the increasing anti-semitic propaganda, and you've got your answer.

Iran does not have anything going wrong.

2) John, you're an uneducated fool. Nuclear reactors DO use enriched uranium, just generally not highly enriched uranium (although even then, some do).
Two questions for you to answer in your head:
a) Do you know what enriched uranium is?
b) Do you know how nuclear fission works?
If you answered no to either of these, I'd highly recommend you go do some actual research (that's where you go and actually look at what real documents say, and not listen to some blogger's opinions), before answering again.

Anonymous said...

Evidently the Uranium was enriched enough to cause alarm with IAEA and the UN. What would that possibly mean? Humm?
You who call me uneducated while you have your head burried up your ass sniffing your own excrement.

Anonymous said...

"Ahh..The smell of ASS in the morning." Tell me Za; how is the view? You putz.

Anonymous said...

They also haven't come back with anything on it - and in all likelihood this will be exactly the same as last time's accusation. Contaminants from elsewhere.

Enjoying the view of your small intestine?