Saturday, September 16, 2006

Muslims Pissed Off, Again

Muslims are demanding that Pope Benedict XVI apologize for his remarks about the Islamic practice of Jihad. Why? He's right. It is unreasonable. Someone draws a picture of Muhammad and you declare war on them. Sounds like a medieval practice to me. Let me guess, to prove the Pope wrong they're going to issue a fatwa and declare jihad against him and the Vatican.

To prove the Pope wrong, Muslims in the West Bank firebombed five Christian churches. You know, like civilized people would.

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Anonymous said...

They can't handle the truth ... wait wasn't that a line in a movie?

Anonymous said...

Muslims offended..Blah blah blah..
A flea farts and those 7th century barbarians riot and demand appologies.
I demand they become extinct as soon as possible. Anyone going to riot over that comment?

Anonymous said...

No John, I doubt very many people who visit this journal will have much of a problem with you calling for the deaths of 1.2 billion people in a completely hypocritical attempt to rid the world of people who kill other people they don't like.

But I have a problem with it. You ignorantly act as though Jihad is just declaring war on people. You misconstrue what lesser jihad is meant to be. And greater jihad - the more important concept that Muslims hold to, is nothing to do with fighting at all, it's an internal struggle towards self-betterment. So yes, it's slightly stupid to say that jihad is "unreasonable" or "evil and inhuman".

It would be far more reasonable to say that the politicised use of jihad is unreasonable. But he didn't do that.