Thursday, September 7, 2006

Poor Bubba

Clinton's former lackeys are already going after ABC. I'm not going to go into a overdrawn post about this, but I do find one thing interesting. Where were these same people when Moore and his ilk were making it seem that Bush didn't care we were attacked? When he(Moore) tried to make it seem that W was busy playing golf while we were being attacked. Where were their charges of "false and defamatory"? In fact, where are they when some are trying to make it seem that not only did Bush know the attack was going to happen, but that his administration planned and carried it out? Clinton was too busy diddling some fat chick with his cigar to do what had to be done for this country. If the soft-brain Liberals can't accept that, tough shit.

I don't know if ABC will cave into their demands censor themselves. I hope not. But this is Clinton. The Lord & Savior of the Left. He has a way of getting what he wants.

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Anonymous said...

So far as of now; Liberal censorship of free speach has won. ABC has altered and delted scenes pertaining to Sandy Berger. (the guy who was recently caught steeling national achives records in his shorts and socks.) The scene is where he was a coward nixing the authorization of Bin Ladens killing in Sudan by CIA.
Just like a Liberal Coward but even though they have cut the scene; everyone still knows the truth.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to point out for Chris, just in response to the "Clinton was too busy..." comment, that actually the Clinton administration had an operation to take out Osama lined up for early 2001. Got cancelled by the newcomer.

Anonymous said...

You sure are a stupid fuck; Za. Clinton's admin had several opportunities to take Bin Laden out but somehow their collective leftist balls were missing to take the action needed. Cowards are as cowards do. You of all people should know that because you are one as well. If I flew down there to your country..stalked you down and walked up to you and beat the living crap out of you; you would not do a damm thing in your own defense because of your she-male pussification. I call it cowardice. You leftist wackjobs all have a lack of balls.

Anonymous said...

I'm stupid, because Bush cancelled a directive Clinton put in place to do exactly what you wanted him to do and you're criminally insane?

Intriguing argument John.