Monday, September 25, 2006

When All Else Fails, Win With Spin

Did anyone else see the Clinton interview on Fox News last night? I only got to see part of it but it was the part everyone's talking about. Bubba's little bitchy meltdown. Same old Clinton's. It's the evil Right-wing. First we made up Monica Lewinski and now we're to blame for pointing out that he didn't have the stones to kill bin Laden. You know, I don't see Bush blaming the Left-wing for not dealing with bin Laden before 9/11. I did like how he said that he's never criticized Bush and then he tried to make it seem that he, Bush, had more time to deal with bin Laden than he himself did. Now, I know I failed high school math and had to take summer school to graduate, but even I can see that four years, when bin Laden declared war on America, is longer than eight months. He then made it seem that maybe the U.S. should violate Pakistan's sovereignty by marching in and taking bin Laden out thereby putting the death nail in one of the very few quasi-allies we have in the Middle East. That being said, I will give him some credit. He did except responsibility for not doing enough. Must be the first time he's ever taken responsibility for his actions, or lack of actions as the case my be.


Anonymous said...

Clinton had two years wherein Bin Laden was an actual identified enemy of the US. It was in 1998 that he was officially indicted by a US grand jury. After that Clinton appears to have been on the up and up.

Portray it how you will, Afghanistan had sanctions placed on it entirely because of Clinton trying to force the Taliban to extradite him. They also tried to assassinate him - which is significantly more than Bush, since Bush wasn't after Bin Laden when invading Afghanistan, he was attempting to dismantle the Taliban... who incidentally are still doing fine, turning Afghanistan into about as bad a war zone as Iraq.

And there's the fact that anti-Bin Laden ops were cancelled in 2001 by Bush. Furthermore, within 6 months of 9/11 Bush had already stated that he didn't care about Osama. On top of that, the Bush administration had the CIA's Bin Laden unit disbanded.

The record's not running in favour of your chosen favourite.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and just for your edification:

Bombing of Afghanistan in retaliation for the crimes Osama was charged with

Afghanistan under sanctions, because of Bin Laden

Assassination orders

CIA ordered to get Bin Laden

And a long list of other anti-Bin Laden attempts that were either laughed at at the time, or intentionally blocked by his opponents.

None of this is later than 2001.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - one final thing.

Clinton started from that 1998 judicial finding; that gave him two years.

Bush has had... 5 now? I'd like to refer you back to my prior comments on what he's done in said 5 years.