Sunday, September 24, 2006

In Case You Missed It

A British man had a visit from the police because he missed on appointment with the vet. Boy, PeTA's becoming a little too powerful.

An Iowa man was busted while carrying his pot plant down the street. Police spotted him when he walked by their station. Wow.

Russian men are ordered to go home during the day and make love.
Have you seen some of these Russian women? I think I'd stay at work.

Jackie Chan's new character is too evil for Chinese audiances. The government makes him tone it down. Lone live Communism.

Some Austrian burglers got the shock of their lives. Just read it.

An Oregon woman was cited for driving her lawnmower without insurance.
Oh yeah, she had a wreck and broke her leg as well but the insurance thing is the funny part.

And the winner of this weeks Darwin Award is this guy. He's drunk. He threatens a bunch of bikers. He gets out of his car with a pool cue only to have his own car run him over. Congratulations, Richard Brooks.