Friday, September 15, 2006

Tunnel Vision

This Was Sent To Me By John K

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Anonymous said...

Question for you:

What has Bush done towards ending terrorism?

The Taliban weren't a threat to the US, it was just that Osama had been hiding out there. While potentially justified in that war, it hasn't done much to any terrorist network. And the new Afghani government is notably made up of former mujahadeen, Taliban fighters, communists, reformists, and Islamic fundamentalists - so it's not really much of a move in the US's favour.

Iraq was never a threat, the only thing Bush's done there is remove an imaginary threat, and create what the Iraqi government is calling a civil war.

When it comes to Muslim hatred, it's not really suprising given that Bush's policy stances seem almost intentionally slanted against every Arab nation (except Saudi Arabia). I mean, Israel was using cluster bombs and phosporous shells in Lebanon, and who was it that got told off? It's not as if the US has done... oh, anything, to get good will in the Middle East.

And entire books have been written about how the "anti-terror" legislation Bush has passed through has been over the top, and a smokescreen to give the government more power. The Republican party itself stopped him from passing more anti-terror laws just a few days ago.

So who's the enemy? The people who hate you, or the people who make them hate you?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have another offense to add to the list of unsuccessful attempts.

It seems we now have solid proof of unjust detaining and torture of innocent people by the CIA, in the name of fighting terrorism as well. Maher Arar was cleared by a Canadian investigation of any connection to extremist groups or terrorist plotting. And the US sent him off to Syria to be tortured.

I recall a while ago you wanted proof of him removing civil liberties - well "right to a fair trial" is one of those isn't it? He didn't get that in the US.

Anonymous said...

Clarification on that last paragraph. The first "him" is Bush, the second is Maher. Typing in a hurry, forgot to differentiate. My bad.