Sunday, January 4, 2004
I found this story a good read, I hope you do to. As we all know, Howard Dean like to portray himself as the people's candidate. The average Joe. Yet, he grew up a rich brat in New York's Park Avenue. In an interview with the NY Times, Dean and his mother talked about his childhood. Said his mother, "Howard didn't have the least bit of a glamorous upbringing. When I was growing up, we didn't even treat the servants like servants." Things weren't all roses and Rolles Royces for Dean as a child. Every time mother Dean would have a child, she would be forced to convert the dining room into a bedroom for the newborn. Infact, space was so tight there was barely enough room for baby Howard's live-in nurse. And according to Dean, some racism is okay. His family were members of the Maidstone Club in the East Hampton's during the time when it was a white's-only club. Dean said about this that just because his parents belonged to a club that excluded blacks and Jews, it didn't mean they were actually racist. Although, truth be told, from time to time the occasional racial epithet did slip out. "Yes, there was sort of this casual racism, in terms of the racist expressions that were used by that generation."

During the 2000 election, people went on at length about how Bush grew up a rich kid and had everything handed to him on a silver platter. Well, where's the same talk about Dean?

God Bless America