Friday, January 2, 2004
It's been awhile since I've had a full post here, and there's some stuff I want to talk about. But first things first. Please forgive any spelling errors in this post. I don't have Microsoft Word anymore, so no spell check. I'm looking to download a spell check, because I need one. Two, I like Windows XP. I had ME before and thought it was okay. I didn't see what people were talking about when they said it was crap. It worked okay for me. But now that I have XP, damn. My computer is twice as fast. Nice. Third, I love my new MP3 player. It's just a 64MB RCA Lyra, but it's amazing. The sound is awesome. Forth, I love Unreal Tournament 2003. Best damn game I've ever played. Get it. And last in the nonsince department. I've been reading about people I know who have all been messing with their new digital cameras they got for Christmas. And Ted, I see you got three of 'em. I wanted one for Christmas, but didn't get one. How about sending me one of them. (Hint, Hing, Wink, Wink)

Now on to the real stuff. Howard Dean has showen his real colors yet again. He's threatened a boycott of the Presidental election next year if he doesn't win the nomination. What a cry baby. But what can you expect from a Democrat?

Go to Ted's Blog to see the real reason Momar Khadafi gave into the U.S. Great pic. See, going in and taking Saddam out has shown the world that Bush isn't going to roll over and play the wimp. His approval number are up, the economy is up and support for the action is Iraq is up. This is Bush's election to loose. 4 More Years, 4 More Years.

On the election news. There's reports that Bush is considering either Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice as his running mate next year. Bad move, maybe. I thought he already said Cheney would be his running mate. I only hope that if Bush does ask Powell or Rice to run with him it's because Cheney made the choice himself to drop out. Also, it could be seen as pandering to the black voters. But it may also help him. If Powell or Rice is his running mate, that could bring black voters over to vote for Bush as it will bring a black person closer to being president than ever before in the history of America. I told Jake that Powell would run in '08, and now it looks like that could happen.

Again, sorry for any spelling mistakes. Bear with me. It's good to be back and happy new year.

God Bless America