Sunday, January 4, 2004
I wanted to blog on this diet craze that's been going around lately. Low carb, low fat, low cal and every thing else you can think of. The celebs diet secretes. And our obsession with looks. This Atkins diet is the most popular of them all. Under this plan you can't have any bread what so ever, but if you want a jar of mayo and a sick of butter for breakfast, that's okay. People, please calm down. If you spend half your day counting fat grams or calories, then you're not enjoying life. Eat that pizza, eat that hot dog, eat that cake. Drink that pop, have fun. Exorcize to stay healthy, but not so you can feel that you look good. If people don't, or can't, except you for who you are, screw them. I'm sick and tired of this obsession we have for skinny or muscular people. Me myself, I like a women with some meat on her bones. It shows she's not afraid of food and knows how to enjoy herself. I don't mind a size 14 or 15 woman. But when you wear a 1 or 2, EAT SOMETHING FOR HEAVEN SAKES. You're too damn skinny. So quit worrying about what other people think about and what they say you should look like and be yourself.
God Bless America