Tuesday, January 20, 2004
I thought I would post here the now 7 candidates and their supporters and endorsers. Give my opinion and some facts on them.

John Edwards, Joe Lieberman, Dennis Kucinich and Al Sharpton. I can't find anyone in the news that endorsing these guys. I'm sure they have there big name supporters, but I can't find them.

John Kerry. He has the support of the staple of the Democratic party, Ted Kennedy. The man that's been around way too long. I don't know. If I were Kerry, I wouldn't want a murdering drunk going around the country supporting me. Gary Hart. A former looser for the office and an adulterer. Good one.

Wes Clark. Clark has the support of mockumentry director Michael Moore. That's bad enough, but he also has the support of his puppet masters, The Clintons. That's worse. A lying piece of crap director, a former president that shamed this country and a lying senator.

And the man, the myth, the legend, Howard Dean. Dr. Dean has the support of Al Gore and Bill Bradley. Both are loosers for the office, Gore a two time loser. Janeane Garofalo, Martin Sheen & Rob Reiner. Two very extreme Left-Wing actors and a meathead.

Good company if you ask me. I'm sure there's more, but it's late and I'm tired.

The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing