Sunday, January 11, 2004
There was yet another presidential debate today. But this one stands out among to others because towards the end of this one Howard Dean blew his stack and yelled at a voter in the audience. Dale Ungerer, a retiree from Iowa, stood up during a Q&A session and was telling the candidates, "Please tone down the garbage, the mean mouthing, the tearing down of your neighbor and being so pompous". He was talking about the Bush bashing that's become mainstream in the house of the Democrats. Mr. Ungerer said that, "You should help your neighbor and not tear him down". To which the "good" Dr. Dean replied, "George Bush isn't my neighbor". Here's where the true feeling of the Democrats come through. Mr Ungerer told Dean that yes, Bush is his neighbor. To which Dean screamed at the man, "You sit down. You've had your say and now I'm going to have my say". Then he went into his diatribe about how Bush is an evil liar. He brought up the tidbit about how some think it's unpatriotic to criticize Bush. All of this was done to massive applause from the audience.

Here's my thoughts on it. Of course Dean yelled at the man. He's a retiree. Dean doesn't like the retired. After all, he wants to do away with the tax that pays for Social Security. And the only time I ever hear about this moronic theory about criticizing Bush is unpatriotic is when Democrats bring it up. I've yet to hear a Republican say it. And of course there would be massive applause at Dean yelling at this man. Mr. Ungerer's a Republican and the idealogical "Deaniacs" just loved seeing Dean rip into the poor man. Way to go Dr. Dean. That's the way to win over the people. Yell at an old man just because you don't agree with him.

God Bless America