Tuesday, January 27, 2004
The NH primary is over and done with, and yet again Frankenstein, I mean John Kerry, has won. The totals aren't in yet, but as of right now this is how it breaks down:

Kerry - 38%
Dean - 26%
Clark - 13%
Edwards - 12%
Lieberman - 9%

I don't know about Sharpton or Kucinich, but I'm guessing they got 1% or less. This has turned into a four man race between Kerry, Dean, Clark and Edwards. I think it's about time for Lieberman, Sharpton and Kucinich to drop out. I don't see Lieberman dropping out just yet, but I have a feeling that Sharpton and/or Kucinich will be dropping out before SC. I also said the same thing after Iowa and was wrong, so it's a guess not a prediction. I have to say that I'm feeling a little better about November now. When Dean was the front runner, I felt he had the best chance of beating Bush. And I though he would, too. However, it looks as though Kerry may just be the Dems nomination and I don't think Kerry has a chance, right now, of beating Bush.

Another little piece of news. Earlier today Edwards was asked if he would consider running as Kerry's VP. He flat out said no, let's see if he keeps his word or if he's just another politician.

The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing