Saturday, January 10, 2004
As we all know, Howard Dean is a serial flip-flopper. And, not surprisingly, he's done it again. For months Dr. Dean has been going around the country saying he wants to repeal every Bush tax cut. Even the ones for the middle class. But yesterday FNC's Carl Camron caught Dean flip-floping. Now Mr. Dean wants to find a way to repeal the tax cuts, but not for the middle class. And how does he plan to do this? By cutting the payroll tax. But there's one problem with that. The payroll tax is what funds Social Security. Didn't Gore, and every Dem in America, said that Bush was going to essentially destroy Social Security? And here's Dean clearly saying that's his plan. Let's see if Gore stands up with his principals and slams Dean for this. Smart money says he won't.

Recently Hilary Clinton made a joke about Ghandi working in a gas station. We all know the stereotype about Indians and covenant stores. Remember when Trent Lott made that statement about Strom Thurman? How the media ripped him to shreds. Or Rush's comments on ESPN? The media went after him with a vengeance. How come the same's not happening to Hilary Clinton? If a Republican had made the same joke, there would a massive outcry for him/her to resign. Is there a bias? You be the judge, but I think you know were I stand on this.
God Bless America