Monday, January 19, 2004
Well, the Iowa caucus is tonight. The night in which people go out and vote for the candidate that they want to run in November. A night that mean nothing. The Iowa caucus means nothing. It the New Hampshire and everything after that one that means something. Anyway, I'm throwing my support behind one of the Dems running. Yes, you read that right. I, here and now, and pledging my support for John Edwards. I hope Edwards wins tonight and ends up running in November against Bush. Edwards is the only Dem running that has stayed on course. He's stayed possitive. He hasn't felt the need to bash every one of the other candidates running. He hasn't felt the need to spread lies and smear others. He looks like and genuinely good guy. A nice guy. That's what the Dems need. Not someone who's bitter and angry. Someone who shouts and cries foul. John Edwards would be the man that would get my vote, if I were a Democrat. I think it would be a great race in November if it turns out to be Bush -vs- Edwards.


Here we see "southerner" Wes Clark parading around in a New England Patriot's sweatshirt yesterday pandering for the New Hampshire vote. Wes Clark is from Arkansas, home of his puppet masters the Clintons, and he's going around showing his pride for the northern Yankees. Not the baseball team, that's just what some of us call you up north. People from he south are very proud and being southern. And with the southern caucuses coming up soon, that may have been a bad move for Clark. We are also football freaks, some are anyway, and with him wearing a Patriots sweatshirt, and the Pats taking on the Panthers from SC he could have screwed himself out of a few votes. Maybe.

Today is MLK day, and Howard Dean went to a memorial for Dr. King. How dare he do something like this. During and election year? President Bush placed a wreath at the grave of Dr. King a few days ago and he only did that because he was stumping for votes. Acording to Democrats. So the "good" Dr. Dean must be doing the same, right? Right?

As stated above, tonight is the Iowa caucus. I'll make this short, I'm tired of typing. I think after tonight, two candidates will drop out. Al Sharpton and Dennis Kucinich. These two haven't a chance in hell of winning, and they know it. So, if it's not in the next couple of days it'll be right after NH.
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing