Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Here's the second audiopost. I'm just testing out a couple of things so don't expect anything amazing to be said.
AudioPost 2


Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

Way cool. Now I'll have AC/DC in my head all day! Speak a little louder!

Anonymous said...

Your Liberals piss me off too!
Although the Liberals in Australia are the good guys.

Christopher Lee said...

I never thought I would hear Liberals and good guys together in a sentence. So, who're the morons down there?

Anonymous said...

If he says "Labor" I swear...

The Liberal party down here are a bunch of lying arseholes, who cut education funding (except to private schools - which they've increased), cut welfare to the bone, remove people's rights - implementing "anti-terror" policies reminiscent of Stalin (for feck's sake! They've put in "anti-sedition" laws now! This post is illegal under Australian law thanks to those bastards!), and use the same racist policies that they villified when espoused by the One Nation party.

The Labor party here suck up to them and have the exact same policies while pretending to be different.

So yeah... the Liberal party are the "good guys" here. Whoever the hell made that post ought to actually look at what the Liberal party does. Heck, I recommend he reads "Howard's Second and Third Governments" - it's the latest installment of a regular summary of governmental policies. There are very few good things there, and all it does is describe what policies he put forward in plain objective terms.