Sunday, December 18, 2005
Sen. Harry Reid is calling for an investigation into Spygate(C) (remember where you first heard that word when BM starts using it).
Reid acknowledged that he was briefed by the administration about the surveillance program 'a couple of months ago.' But he said the program apparently has been going on for four years and 'there's no way the president can pass the buck.'"
Uh, I don't think he has. I mean, he came out just yesterday and said that yes, the government has does this on his orders.
"Bush acknowledged Saturday that since October 2001 he has authorized the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on international phone calls and e-mails of people within the United States without seeking warrants from courts."
So how is he "passing the buck"? If the government's listening to your phone calls, it's not because they want your mother's recipe for apple brown better. It's because you've been doing something that would cause concern. Call me crazy, but I think human life is more important than privacy. And I was called un-American for that view by someone.


Anonymous said...

The fact that it violates your legal rights of course, is no cause for concern. The REAL cause for concern is those irresponsible liberals who keep bringing it up!

And while we're on the topic of irresponsible liberals, damn them for pointing out that we went to Iraq on false pretences, under "bad intelligence" that the CIA never even gave the president in the first place! Damn their irresponsible ways!

I find your post endlessly amusing Chris, especially from someone who is only able to describe communism as "a system designed to take away people's rights".

Christopher Lee said...

Well, that and the fact should you dare speak up against a Communist government you're put to death. Ask Castro.

Your idealized version of Communism is false. If that were real Communism it would be in practice somewhere in the world. It's not.

Anonymous said...

And that makes it an integral part of communism does it?
The fact that Marxist communism was a democracy has nothing to do with it.

And your last argument is logically flawed. Nobody has a pure capitalist state either - doesn't mean that capitalism is false.

Anonymous said...

I should also point out that you were wrong anyway.
Ever heard of white communists, as opposed to the red communists?