Friday, December 2, 2005
If you'll remember, back in September I wrote the following in a post called Things I Just Love:

Those fake band t-shirts at places like J.C. Penny's. You see the AC/DC and Led Zeppelin shirts they carry. Those are for people who've never even heard an AC/DC or Led Zeppelin song. They buy them because they look kind of cool and go great with their $100 "worn in" look jeans.

Well, I guess you can tell where this is going. I totally lost all respect for myself today because I bought one of those shirts. A Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon shirt. I saw it and had to have it. I feel dirty.


Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

Shame on you - you scummy concert shirt JC Penney wearing Okie!

Christopher Lee said...

Hey, take that back. It wasn't from JC Penney. But it is a cool shirt. Vintage faded look from a 1974 show in Manchester, England.


I can almost here the cash register from Money playing.

~SugarBear~ said...

Hey, at least you know the band & their music. It's not like you're some stupid punk that bought it because they thought it was cool. You KNEW it was cool. There's a difference.

Christopher Lee said...

Yeah. And it's not like I'm able to get one at a concert or something.