Friday, December 9, 2005
Democrats. Are you at odds with your party? Do you feel that the extreme neo-Libs have taken over the DNC? Raping it and turning it into a haven for anti-American radicals. Do you miss the days of JFK when your leaders had a spine? Have you had enough of Howard Dean and his mouth? Well, come on over to the Republican party. We'll embrace you with open arms. We don't discriminate against you because you aren't a hardcore believer, unlike the Democrats. We have room for everyone. From Liberal Republicans like Rudy Giuliani to Conservative Democrats like Zel Miller and Joe Lieberman. The Republican party isn't the party the Left wants you to believe it is. We don't hate, unlike they do. We don't shout people down we don't agree with when they're trying to exercise their first amendment right. And the Military actually likes us. So come on over. Have a beer, coffee or a cup of tea and listen to intelligent people for once.

The Republican party. Building A Better America Today For Our Children Tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Speaking of America haters... you should read my latest post.