Monday, December 26, 2005
I know I said I would return today, but I had to post about poor Santa yesterday. Luckily, he got to me before the ACLU had him arrested. Some Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton and Elvis albums. Some nice leather gloves and a nice set of 2.1 speakers for the computer. Going from my original, and I mean original 1997 Packard Bell first computer I ever had, speakers with no bass to a subwoofer is awesome. He also left me a little something in my sock. Yes, my mother still hangs a sock for me at her house. A lent roller and toenail clippers. Greta will get that one. For the rest of you, read this. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and for you wacky Jews, Happy However It's Spelled. 8 days of gifts. I cry foul.