Friday, December 16, 2005
Does anyone remember that story earlier this week where that semi-truck carrying the mail crashed? Well, I think my electric bill was on that truck. My normal bill is $125, this month it was $250. Two hundred and fifty dollars. I won't say the things I said on here, but you can image. So I called the electric company and they said they never got my payment. Piss off #2. So the other night going around town I notice EVERYONE has their Christmas lights off. So I'm thinking, "Huh, everyone's bill must have went skyhigh because of their lights". Then yesterday all the lights were back on. And this morning it hit me about that truck. Way too many people leaving their lights off one night then turning them back on for it to be anything else but that all our bills were on that truck. Anyone else notice anything like that?


Opinionnation said...

My bill shot up to $180. The reason my electric company gave me was that their gas price went up 5 cents a gallon.