Friday, December 9, 2005
Pink Floyd MeddleThere is only one word to describe this album. Amazing. One of their best pieces of work. It was done after their psychedelic period but before, really just at, their experimental stage of Dark Side and The Wall. I don't use this word when talking about many things, but the sound on Meddle is beautiful. Harmonic and soothing. Done when the band was still performing as a cohesive unit they just mesh so well here. Waters's voice is perfect and Gilmour's guitar work is magic. Kind of different from other Floyd albums. It's hard to describe it to someone who hasn't heard it. A kind of distorted barbarshop quartet. This album also has the distinct pleasure of containing what many feel is Pink Floyd's worst song, Seamus. A bluesy song about a hound dog complete with a howling dog. Rather strange, but not all that bad. It also has PF's version of a country song called San Tropez. Roger Waters actually sound happy in this song. Then we have Fearless. I don't have the ability to do this song justice with my limited vocabulary. Just download it and take a listen. Also, if you're a Liverpool FC fan you may recognize the ending of this song. And finally we have what may be the longest song ever recorded. Well, the longest one I've ever heard anyway. The 23 minute Echoes. This is the song that showed everyone where they would be going with their sound in the coming years. This is the true Pink Floyd sound. I wish I could upload it, but it's 23MB and I sure don't feel like waiting for that. Bottom line, if you're a Floyd fan you need this album. If not, I don't think it'll be the one to convert you.5 Star
Pink Floyd

Also, if you're a Pink Floyd fan you should check this site out. Floydian Slip. Has information on all their albums. Group and solo. Good site.


TonyR said...

This really takes me back... I really loved listening to Floyd as I was growing up. My favorite was animals and DSOTM. The wall was great too. I think the song you posted was the best one from Meddle. I followed the link from Ops blog to this one.. I have to say I like what I read here.

Christopher Lee said...

Thank you.