Friday, December 16, 2005
It's been six months since I've done a RT post. I didn't know it was that long. Anyway, for those that don't know, Random Thoughts is a post I do every once and awhile where I just ramble on with any 'ol crap that's in my mind. Let's get started.

Beating A Dead Horse
If you've been with me long enough, you understand that.
2006 Hummer H1
That's the only true Hummer, but in black. That new H3 is a bastardized disgrace. Shame on you if you drive one.

Am I the only one who needs to read something while in the bathroom? Come one guys, don't leave me hanging here.

"I'm a smooth operator. A big dictator"

Speaking of bathroom, I hate it when I go to brush my teeth and the water is ice cold. I have sensitive teeth. That cold water hurts. I could just let it get hot, but that takes forever. Electric water heater. And if you've never had an electric water heater, you know nothing.

Does anyone else think it a little hypocritical when a radio station plays a "Happy Holiday" ad just before going into a Christmas song?

I wish I had Jedi powers. The Jedi Mind Trick rules. Do you want to take the chance? It could be a car site or it could be porn. Or it could be a site that teaches you how to make the best hot chocolate on the planet. Who knows. Do you risk it?

The War In Iraq isn't illegal. The first time Saddam violated the Gulf War truce we had every right to go in. So there.

How can anyone think Julia Roberts is good looking? She looks like a damn horse.

I tried to watch the original 1933 King Kong the other day... I fell asleep. I don't like black and white movies, except High Noon, 12 Angry Men and The Grapes Of Wrath. Other than those, b&w movies bore me.

I have an extra tooth.

tuo siht erugif uoy naC.

Does anyone here watch Hardball W/ Chris Matthews? Okay, stupid question. I want to know why he has such a hard on for this CIA "leak" "story". That's been his focus all week long. Trying to tell us the new info that's out there (re-hash). And going crazy wondering if Rove will go to jail. He's been asking everyone under the sun if Rove's going to prison. Do you thing Rove will be indicted. Will Rove go to jail? Yesterday for example, the headline on his story was something to the effect of Rove Indictment Today? I swear, if you watch him while he's talking about this you'll see his arm moving back and forth under his desk.

Why is the media, other than FNC, denying there's an attack on Christmas? According to them the only one's who believe there is are the ignorant Right-Wing Christian fundamentalist. I'm not a Christian, but I know there's an attack on Christmas.

Speaking of which, we've seen the stupidity of renaming the Christmas tree to Holiday tree. I wonder when the Left will rename the baby Jesus to Holiday Infant. Thanks to Jay Leno for that one.

Is Eric Clapton not a musical genius?

Storm Thorgerson


See that scrollbar over on the right?

Did you know that Bob spelled backwards is Bob? Ponder that one.

Anyone remember Pogs and Slammers?

How about Dog Patch U.S.A? The Hillbilly Disney Land.


loboinok said...

"tuo siht erugif uoy naC."

(;!ti teg thgim I ,emit erom tib elttil a em evig uoy fi tub ,oN

Anonymous said...

"The War In Iraq isn't illegal. The first time Saddam violated the Gulf War truce we had every right to go in. So there."

Hate to break it to you, but the US also broke that one, so it's hardly a good excuse. Plus, he technically didn't anyway, since the no-fly zones weren't a part of the truce and were made up by the US, Britain and France independently (gasp! France helping the US?! Shock horror!).