Friday, September 1, 2006

Wednesday Hero Blogroll

I may be a Right-wing hack, but Wednesday Hero is a non-partisan post I do every Wednesday that honors the brave men and women in the United States military, their families and others that have given to our troops. And while I'm not taking "official" new members, I am still accepting new blogs. So, if you would like to post the tribute on your site you can do so by visiting this page every Wednesday. I'll have the post up for you do copy to your blog. All I ask is that you leave the link back to here so that others who may want to do the same can. And if you do post it, let me know so that I can add your blog to the list below. Also, I have the worst memory on planet Earth so if I forget to get the new post up by Wednesday afternoon let me know.

Have a question? Need to let me know something? Want to suggest someone to be profiled? You can contact me here.

November 27, 2014
Cpt. Nathan J. Nylander

Blogs Participating In Wednesday Hero

Hooah Wife & Friends
Yankee Mom
Bear Creek Ledger
Mail Call! Supporting The Troops
Yeah, Right, Whatever
Gazing At The Flag
Ohio Military Reserve
Army Mom: New Jersey
Blue Star Chronicles
Pet's Garden Blog
Did You Ever Get The Feeling
A Rose By Any Other Name
My Weekly Thoughts
Trying My Best To Support The Troops
Not Ready For My Burqua
Perry Nelson's Website
Rantings, Ramblings, And Other Misc. Stuff
Tanker Brothers
Soldiers' Angels New York
Freedom Will Be Defended
Watchman's Soap Box
Here, There And Back Again
My Own Political Party
Psycmeister's Ice Palace
The Pink Flamingo
Tiger's Truth
Blah Blah Blog - The Soap Box
Ironic Surrealism II
Insanity Isn't The Disease, It Is A Symptom
Dustin & Georgia
The Watchcat
Shot In The Dark
Martin Andrade Blogs
A Lady's Ruminations
Alex Asunder
Avcr8teur's Own Little Universe
A Mom's Memories
My Thoughts, Ideas, And Ramblins
Eternal Flux
but that's just my opinion
MamaArcher's Blog
The Thunder Run
M.A.X Fights
Conservatives United!
Nice Deb
I am Never Alone
Coming Back To Life
Maggie's Notebook
Assoluta Tranquillita
Mississippi Soldiers' Angels
Arkansas Army Mom
Old Soldier
Shays Mom
My Wonderful Life
MARK 1:11
Meren Wentari
Papa Mike's Blog
Call Me Grandma
The Home Front
Army Crossroads
Conservative Single Guy
Monkey In The Middle
Mrs Houshold 6
Fitz's Stitches
Patriot's Corner
Military Duty Station Review
NASA International Spacestation
USNA or Bust
Being An Angel
Soldiers' Angels Florida
Legacy Fighter
The FERN Blogs
Burnt Food Dude
Civilian 2 Soldier
365 Vets
Freeing America


prying1 said...

Wonderful Idea!!! Thanks for your service to our people in the service...

Coach Mark said...

WAY COOL!!! I'm always looking for anothger way to encourage the troops, and educate the populace...e-mail is in your box!...I hope...

Bushwack said...

Great idea... I have emailed my request too....

Ray said...

Great idea and count me in if you would be so kind.


Lonnie said...

This old soldier is greatful and is happy to take part...

LBH in China

Gibson said...

You ROCK!! email on it's way

Anonymous said...

I went through the whole blogroll. This is really working Chris. You had almost 100% participation this week too!!

Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful! Thank you for doing this.

Lee Ann aka Dixie said...

I am the mother of a future Marine and this is so wonderful! Thank you. I would love to do this each Wednesday but I'm having problem with sending the e-mail.


Christopher Lee said...

I'll be happy to sign you up. Just let me know your email address and I'll see if I can't get one sent of to you. And give your son my best.

Malinda777 said...

I'd like to participate... will send the e-mail.

Thanks for helping us all to love our troops.

Blah Blah Blog - The Soap Box

Anonymous said...

I would love to be a part of something so wonderfull. Does the blogroll work with

God Bless our Troops!

Christopher Lee said...

Any blog. Just send me your info.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick reply. :)

PM sent.

Anonymous said...

Indian Chris: Everything is up and running on two of my blogs, thanks.
And, once again,Y ou have a terrific idea here. More Americans should show support for our heroes. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to become a part of it.
even if you do endorse giuliani, lol

Hello vh.

AVCr8teur said...

Include me too. I don't know anyone in the military, but I support our heroes. Thanks for letting us get involved in some way.

Jimmy K. said...

I would like to be included. I cannot find your email address on the page.

Anonymous said...

I am an Australian Soldiers Angel I posted a picture of that Soldier nursing that little girl on my blog.
All I knew was the bit off the newspaper as it was sent to me.No words are enough to say Thank you to all the troops,where ever they are.Charlee Reed

Tammy said...

I would love to participate...if you start adding new blogs, please let me know. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I would love to join in this grat blogroll. We need to thank our heros and never let them be forgotten

HandzOn said...

Just take a moment to consider these Soldiers who go through a lot to be able to serve. I won't go into my litany about the comparisons to the contributions of Black Soldiers of the Civil War, the Native American "Linguists" and Scouts in the West, the Japanese-Americans and Navajo code-talkers who served in WW II; history will make the comparisons. They all have their own reasons - as all of us who serve did/do - but they are still, after all, our Brothers and Sisters in uniform.

In your own way, remember and pray for them.

CW3 Tom Blanchard, US Army

Flanders Fields said...

There is no such thing as a right wing hack. It is no longer liberal v. conservative in our country. It is Americans versus anti-Americans.

We love America and the heros and the plain people who have made it America.

Thanks for your post on Chesy Puller. He is a Marine's Marine.

Anonymous said...


Just a quick note to let you know that I have moved my blog.
I am no longer at:
Ironic Surrealism

I can now be found at:
Ironic Surrealism II

Could you please update my link in the Wednesday Hero blogroll?

Kind Regards,

David M said...

Hey bud...I've been posting the Wednesday Hero on my Blog but how do I get the code for the blogroll?

Can you send it to me?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I gladly posted it on my blog as well.

Rosemary Welch said...

I have posted "1st Lt. Forrest P. Ewens 26 years old from Tonasket, Washington 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) June 16, 2006" on my site: Rosemary's Thoughts. I gave you the credit, of course, because I did not change a word. I also linked back to you. Thank you so much for what you are doing. God bless you.

Don't ferget, Matey, 'tis the day of "International Talk Like A Pirate Day". Don't have these swabs gitten away it! (Sept. 19, 2007)

Pirate's Cove, he's the matey with the details. :)

Unknown said...

If you are updating the blogroll again, I would love to join. I've been participating in Wednesday Hero for a little while now, the archives are at and this weeks will be up fairly early on Wednesday morning. Thanks for a great patriotic meme.


Anonymous said...

I've been adding the Wednesday Hero to my new military wife blog :) Wonderful idea!

Mark Herpel said...

Thank you for doing this. We are now on the weekly posting,

Robocop said...

This is an excellent idea. Please let me know when you are taking more blogs for this. Thank you.

Jeremiah said...

This is Great!
I would love to participate!
I'm not sure of your email address, so I'll leave you with my address at:


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! I'm adding this to my blog on Wednesdays.

Anonymous said...

I want to participate, too. I think the more these hero's stories get out there, the better.

I'll be checking back on Wednesdays.

Melissa Sheldon said...

Hello! I posted this week's Hero at and I would like to participate weekly. If you are still not adding new bloggers, that is fine. I do not need to be on the blog roll.

BetteJo said...

Wonderful! I have posted on my blog. Thanks for doing this.

Millitary Chick said...

My cousin Jeremy Allbaugh has fallen but not forgotton. I am here for help

MysticAngel said...

I would love to put this up on my blog,if you would alow me too! My Dad was a vetran of Viatnam and World War1! He has a steal plate in his head and a replacement knee. My huband is also a Vetran.
Please email me at
or you can visit my blog at

Derek Elwell said...

I will be adding this to my blog as well. Mine is not a political blog, but this goes WAY beyond politics. As it should.

Rosemary Welch said...

Dear Cpl, I seem to have lost my code for Wednesday's Hero blogroll. Um...would you please help me to get it again? It appears my last post was Nov. 1, 2007, and I cannot have that! Also, I have another friend for you to visit on your blogroll, if you would like to. His site is Bill and Bob's Excellent Afghan Adventures. They call him 'Bear'. He is in Afghanistan right now. Thank you so much for all you do, have done, and continue to do. Godspeed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting about
Soldiers Angels.
One of Many Soldiers Angels,

Anonymous said...

I've just joined your weekly post which can be found here:

My husband is an active-duty Army soldier so this is something very near and dear to me and my family - THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Please add me to your blogroll. I started posting Wednesday Hero last week. I deeply appreciate what you are doing and have two family members on active duty and this type of service means a lot.

LadyWolf said...

I too have started posting your wonderful tributes.This is a great idea.My linkie is,if you would like to add,

Rosemary Welch said...

Rosemary's Thoughts says:

Wednesday's Hero: Sgt First Class Juanita Wilson.

For today's Wednesday Hero, I have gone over to Vet's for Freedom website. You will find many heroes over there, and I chose SFC Juanita Wilson in particular because of her outstanding integrity off the battlefield as well as on it ...

evel dread said...

This is a wonderful idea! Thanks for starting it up! I'm in!

Crista said...

I definately participated!

NotClauswitz said...

This guy Croucher definitely! I may not be able to always participate or be consistent but, Hell Yeh!

Crista said...

Posted mine! :)f

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Ronnie L. Shelley Sr is my brother and I would like to say thank you very much for doing this. It is a great honor to these heroes.
I would love to be a part of it, my email address is

Thank you, Tammy

Anonymous said...

As an army mother, thank you for making sure our service members are never forgotten.I am honored to be able to post this on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I never knew who to thank for creating the Wednesday Hero Blogroll and posting my son 1LT Forrest P. Ewens' story. It meant so much to us to know that he was being remembered and his story was being told. I am sure many of the other families of fallen soldiers feel the same way.
Thank you so very much, bless you.
Carol Ewens & family(mother of 1LT Forrest P. Ewens KIA 6.16.06 OEF)

Christopher Lee said...

Thank you for the kind words, Ms. Ewans. And thank you for raising such a wonderful young man.

Anonymous said...

I don't feature a weekly HERO piece on my blog, but I do put up a piece fairly regularly as I become aware of deserving soldiers and Marines. Looks like this young man will be next:)

Stacy said...

I have added it to the new Mississippi Soldiers' Angels Blog.

Mjolnir said...

I've added the hero blogroll to my blog...with appropriate link to your page. Thank you so much for making this tribute to our warriors available to us in the blogosphere!

Tami said...

I would love to add the Blog Roll to my blog. Thank you for providing us with this oppurtunity. I will email you my information.


MightyMom said...

oh joy! sign me up, NOW!

THOMAS said...


ABNPOPPA said...

Please sign me up on for Wednesday Hero. My blog is

What a wonderful project you are doing. Now we can spread the word about the warriors that keep us safe from harm!


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your stand against the new Leftist president, Barack Obama, and your support of conservatism and your patriotic stance; however, I was offended by the "pin-up" girl on you side bar as well as the link for AC/DC, so I will not be visiting this blog again, in spite of the fact that it represents the same political views that I have. I am a Christian first, so I cannot subscribe to this website, sad to say. I encourage you to continue what you are doing, except that you may ostracize many conservative Christians by posting half nude women and sponsoring satanic rock bands. I invite you to get to know the Savior; He is coming soon, and He is the only hope this world has; I have news for you: things are not going to get any better in this country unless we turn back to the Bible and put God back into our government institutions (especially the schools!). This does not appear to be happening, so the best thing to do now is to turn to Jesus and become a part of his "bride" before he comes to take the "bride" out of this mess we are in. May God deal with your heart and have mercy on you! I love you in Christ's name,

Mary J Rowell

Ryle Raider Football said...

Love the blog...keep up the good work. You are all hero's. I just started blogging.I am adding you to my favorites.

Anonymous said...

I am a new blogger, in fact this will be my first post..
Can you help me by sending me the blog roll?
Thank you

The Gunslinger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Gunslinger said...

I'll be checking in each Wednesday, and posting our heroes on my blog.

Thanks for making this possible.

Anonymous said...

GREAT idea and please be sutre to count me in....

Papa Mike ( )

Semper Fi

Ray said...

Hey this is fine Indian, not an inconvenience at all

Mrs Xoke said...

I was worried about you! I am glad you are ok!

Coach Mark said...

Thanks for the update. I was getting a bit worried about not receiving those emails. Nice to know you're still at it. Thanks for such awesome work, and for keeping this going for so long, and however long it keeps going.

Richard said...

I didn't realize you sent emails as I've never received one. I've always come over here on Tuesday or Wednesday to update so it's no big issue.

Findalis said...

Can you add my blog to the rolls? Monkey in the Middle

Not only do I support the troops, but I am a veteran of the US Air
Force and the widow of a retired Air Force NCO.

chicatz said...

Hey Christopher...please add my blog "NAVYzology" ( to the participating blogs a former bugler while in the Navy during the Vietnam Era assigned to many funeral details, I appreciate your contibution to making sure that the fallen are never forgotten via your Wednesday Hero Blog Roll...Thank You.

SueFitz said...

this sounds like a great idea, will be adding to my site.

susanna said...

Great Idea! I'll add this to my site next Wednesday

Gabriella said...

Hi here is my blog, add my blog in your blogroll


Jacqui said...

Noble offering. Add me to your blogroll. Not to worry if you have trouble emailing me (I'm at I'll come visit.

My blog is

shara said...

love this blogs!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such stories. I love to read stories like that. By the way add some pics :)

Jason Presley said...


Anonymous said...

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Mike Golch said...

I'm in.My father served in the USAAF he ended up his service as part of the occupational forces in Japan,The only thing that he would tell me about his service is that he flew in bombers,and that he was a cryptogopher.I honored him by serving in the USAF from 1971-1974.

Mike Golch said...

I do not understand what I did wrong.I could not get WEDNESDAY HERO TO POST!COME OVER TO MY SITE AND YOU WILL SEE THE PROBLEM

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Karyn said...

Would love to be a part of the Wednesday Blog roll- someone needs to speak about our heros. My blog is Am proud to join you!

Vince The Hero Energy Shot Guy said...

This is awesome that you are doing this - we're also honoring our <a href=">american heroes</a> through posts, pages and our Hero Energy Shot - keep up the good work. You'll get a link from us!

2medicure said...

Well that is great idea i would love to be part of it.

Hotels Cyprus said...

I salute the brave men and women who lost their lives fighting against terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a Bunch. Glad to be a part of it! I've added your site to my blogroll.

Thanks again.

Florists in London said...


Soldier(army) is our protector and please don't forget them when they need our help. A salute to soldiers.

branded items said...

I seems that creating the Wednesday Hero blogroll and posting.And i appreciate what you are doing and have two family members on active duty.

Tina said...

My blog is going to be about honoring these heroes every day. Still I think I can add the Wednesday Hero to the mix. I will add this page to my blogroll and start this coming Wednesday. I am new to blogging and now 100% sure how to go about this but I will figure it out.

Thank you
Project 365 Vets - Honoring a veteran a day every day of the year.

Christopher Lee said...

Tina, I've added your side to the list above.

Whiteroper said...

Chris please add my blog.

to the blog roll. I have added the blogroll to my site.
Thank you,

Christopher Lee said...


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