Friday, July 7, 2006

How To Conduct Terror Operations

John K Sent This To Me.

This is a rather interesting story. I'll let the article speak for itself.

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Anonymous said...

Clever use of "may haves" and "mights" to attempt to undermine the public knowledge of the CIA's conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Conclusions are always "Ongoing"; as data is uncovered and released. History is not a static event.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should look at this article and follow the information links.,2933,199053,00.html

Anonymous said...

za, the cia did not conclude they weren't working together. they concluded that there were high level meetings, but they didn't know the details. read the senate report on pre-war intelligence and not the incorrect media articles about what it said.

Anonymous said...

Actually no Anomyous, I read the CIA information releases. The most cooperation Al Qaeda got from Saddam was the airing of a radio show. They suggested further meetings, but there were none.

Oh, and Mr Anonymous, post-war intelligence is much sounder too.

John, nice use of Fake News, but the "links" have been rejected by the ACTUAL intelligence community. Perhaps you should take your own advice, stop listening to the biased media, and start reading actual military reports?

Anonymous said... the child king Za has access to ACTUAL intelligence community reports.
Not fake news; just news you dont want to consider.

Anonymous said...

News that directly contradicts the public CIA reports is not news.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and let's not forget that even Israelis shoot at FoxNews these days.

But hey - apparently revealing in detail the movements of Israeli troops (which can actually be used by their enemies) is less offensive to you guys than the NY Times telling you what your government is doing (which isn't anything "the enemy" didn't already know).