Monday, July 3, 2006

This Is, As The Kids Would Say, Pimp

I love this story.

4-year-old Matthew Burgos of Paterson, California was stripped of his title, Little Mr. Apricot, because he flipped the bird to the audience. These tight-ass morons actually took his title away because he did something he didn't even understand. I love stupid people.

Well, Matthew Brurgos, I hereby award you the title of
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Anonymous said...

That "gangsta" attitude in society is no good for anyone or anything. A person is a fool for emulating it and passing it off to their offspring. The kid needs to ask his parents why they have taught him to be a punk.

Anonymous said...

Because he could never have picked it up off anyone else. *rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

Thats right because everyone knows a 5 year old has soo many other contacts to emmulate.
**rolls eyes and flips Za the finger**;