Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Rise Of The Third Party

If you watch a lot of cable news, then you've no doubt seen the countless stories along the lines of "Is This The Time For A Third Party?" or "Can A Third Party Candidate Win In '08?" I think it's time for a serious third party candidate. I think this country is itching for something other than the Republicans and Democrats. Because, let's face it, the parties have moved away from their bases. Both have moved further to the Left/Right and I think the American people are getting tied of it. "You're not a real Republican/Democrat unless you support...". For Republicans it's the War In Iraq and pro-Life. For Democrats it's pulling out of Iraq and stem cell research. Those were just a couple of examples, not a true litmus test. Why can't a Republican want to pull out of Iraq and be pro-Life or a Democrat support the War In Iraq and support stem cell research and both get widespread support? People, and I include myself in this, have become disillusioned with "politics as usual". Perfect example. Democrats have a new ad out that Republicans are outraged over because it shows flag draped coffins of soldiers. Anyone remember the Bush ad in 2004 that showed firefighters carrying the flag draped body of one of their own from the WTC? Republicans praised it and Democrats slammed it. Now the roles are reversed and Democrats are praising this new ad while Republicans are slamming it. It's almost enough to make you not want to vote in the next election. That's why I think it's time for a valid candidate to win. I've already pledged my support for someone who'll have to run as a third party candidate in '08. I won't say whoRudy, but those who've been paying attention over the past few months will knowRudy who it is. I love the Republican party. I love being a Republican, but I'm just fed up with the way many of them have been acting. This is no longer the party of Ronald Reagan. And the Democratic Party is no longer the party of John F. Kennedy.

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