Monday, July 31, 2006

Star Trek & The War On Terror

If you're not a Trek fan then the following post will be alien to you, pun intended, but please keep reading. This post deals with two of the ST shows. The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. In an episode of TNG, a rouge Federation Captain is firing upon, and destroying, ships that belong to a race known as the Cardassians because he believes they, the Cardassians, are arming themselves for war. Captian Picard doesn't want to believe it, until the end, and does nothing about except let them know that the Federation will be watching. Then, years later, in the ST timeline, and during DS9, the Cardassians attack and war begins. And the Captain of DS9, who is willing to do what he needs to do, must now fight this war because Picard was so short-sighted as to think everything would resolve itself. Now, had Picard done something about when he had the chance maybe the war never would have happened. Remind you of anything?

For another Star Trek/War On Terror tie-in, watch Enterprise Season 3.
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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Za for one and the whole of the "progressive" International community.
[Dumbass is as dumbass does]

Anonymous said...

Machiavelli is not universally applicable. Realism as a conceptual framework is flawed in its base assertions, and employs a very stunted grasp of psychology.

So yes, dumbass is as dumbass does, John.

One also has to remember that fictional people don't need motivations.

Anonymous said...

You and Michael would get along well, Indian Chris.

Christopher Lee said...

Geek is a Geek does.