Monday, July 24, 2006

Talk About Pissed And Confused

You can read the piece for yourselves, but two things that piss and confuse me.

1) This judge KNEW she was breaking the law and his solution was to count to 20? What the fuck.

2) "Experts said that Fink as a state judge had no authority to order an arrest for violation of a federal immigration law." Like hell he didn't.

Boot her ass back to Mexico.

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Anonymous said...

In respect to the issue he was actually meant to be dealing with, it made sense.

As a judge he's not meant to uncover extra things to prosecute, especially since this wasn't a trial, it was an application for a restraining order. Even if it were a trial and it came up part way through, I believe that they have to go through the processes of having it added to the original charges before the court can deal with it (or else they may just simply be dealt with separately).

And since she's been identified by name as an illegal immigrant, there's no real trouble with sending her off.

So in effect, your opinion stems from:
a) prejudice, and
b) a lack of understanding about the court system, not to mention,
c) not spending enough time thinking about what actually happened.