Wednesday, February 18, 2004
That's right. It may not be new news by now, but it's news. Howard Dean has dropped out of the race. NaNa, NaNaNaNa, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye. Sing along. This was a truly spectacular thing. Just a few months ago, Howie D was the number one man in the Democratic Party. He labeled himself as anti-establishment and an outsider, though it wasn't true. He gave the Democratic Party the anger, which some mislabled as passion, that it needed. We can't deny what he's done. With this anger, John Kerry is now ahead of Bush in the polls. Some say his voting record will be the downfall of Kerry. I don't believe that. The Dems are so full of anger that they don't care. They just want Bush out of office and they don't care who does it. But back to Dean. He then went out and got the support of the establishment he said he was against, and I think that was his downfall. He showed himself as the hypocrite that he is. He gave us the "Yeaaaaaa" hear round the world and we got to see the unstable man Dean really is. This irrational, hate filled, ideologue. So now we're down to two men, John "Frankenstein" Kerry and John "The South Is My Backyard" Edwards. I don't consider Sharpton and Kucinich as candidates. They're the fat lady in this sideshow of a race. Kind of entertaining, but not too interesting. With Edward's strong showing in Wisconsin lastnight, he has shown himself a worth running mate for Kerry. But he has stated that he will not accept a VP slot with Kerry. Let's see if he keeps his word. On the subject of keeping your word, and back to Dean as well. Remember a few months back when Dean said that if he doesn't get the nomination that he would start a boycott. I wonder if he'll keep his word?

It's that time again. Wictory Wednesday. I want everyone who reads this blog to volunteer and/or donate to the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign. If you would like to help George W. Bush lead this country to greater things, click the button below and find out how you too can become a part of Wictory Wednesday. See that butt load of blogs to the right? By signing up for Wictory Wednesday, you get to have your blog added to that list. That list is posted on everyone of those sites. Just think of all the readers you could get then.

The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing