Tuesday, February 3, 2004
It's 8:51 PM CDT, and as of right now John Kerry has won Mo, Del, ND and AZ while John Edwards has won SC. My great state of Oklahoma is still up in the air, but John Edwards has a small lead over Wes Clark. This is do or die time for the General. If he can't win Oklahoma, he really hasn't a chance of becoming the candidate in November. This is the only state he even has a chance of winning. Howard Dean just gave up for this round of elections. Focusing only on the Feb. 17 Wisconsin primary just isn't going to do it. I think Howard Dean may just be a fish dead in the water. The other big news is that Joe Lieberman has finally dropped out. He really didn't have a chance to begin with, but when Gore and the rest of the Democratic party turned their backs to him that really signed his death warrent. I think Sharpton and Kucinich need to take some notes. These two guys aren't Seabiscuit. Their not the underdogs that are going to come up from behind and win it all. I am going to make a prediction right here and now. Come November, it's going to be Kerry-vs-Bush. They keep showing poll after poll that say Kerry is ahead of Bush. Well, duh. Kerry has been in the news more what with the elections going on. Kerry has been attacking Bush, but Bush has yet to go on the defensive yet. We still have 9 months to go. Nobody should be getting their panties in a bunch just yet.
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing