Monday, February 2, 2004
Tomorrow is Super Tuesday. 7 states are having either a primary or a caucus. Oklahoma being one of them. I've got my voting hat ready. Has a bald eagle in front of an American flag. I'm going to slap that puppy on and cast my vote for GW. The media keeps saying that GW is running unopposed for the Republican nomination. That's not true. A man by the name of Bill Wyatt from Los Angeles is running against him. But something tells me that Bill isn't going to get the nod. As it stands right now, Wes Clark is in the lead in here in the Sooner state. Which really doesn't surprise me seeing as how Arkansas is right next door. This could be his only win so he better savor it.

Speaking of Super, the Super Bowl. Or more specifically, the half time show. I didn't watch it, but it's been all over the news today. Justin Timberlake ripping Janet Jackson's outfit to show her breast. This was so stupid. Timberlake said it was an acciden. But then why is Jackson wearing that metal thing over her nipple? Was it planned out? Can you say Duh?
I hate moronic things like this being done just for ratings. You know, who cares if little kids were watching. Who care if it offends people. CBS and MTV don't care. Just further evidence of the downward spiral this country's going in. It's one thing to do it on cable, I don't care. You have to pay to see it. But when it's done on network tv for millions to see, that's a different story. CBS and MTV should be fined the maximum penalty by the FCC. If you want to see a closeup of it go to He as a very closeup of it.

The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing