Monday, January 9, 2006


It seems I've been getting people who don't want to admit that Democrats also took money from Abramoff. Here's some stories.

1. This has the list that I posted below.
4. NPR. Hardly a Conservative friendly place.
6. Democratic Underground. REALLY not a Conservative freindly place.

You know, this isn't some made up story by the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy like the whole Monica thing. Face it, Democrats are just a corrupt as Republicans.


Anonymous said...

Your second link has its title correct. The rest is only partially factually incorrect, and where it is factually lacking, it makes it up with heresay.

The Dems were given donations by Indian tribes who were also giving money to Abramoff. Abramoff was the one doing the vote-buying. Not the Indians.

So the connection is invalid.

I'm wondering how the hell you can turn "people who were paying Abramoff were giving to the Dems too" and turn it into "Abramoff bribed the Dems as well". It'd have to take someone with an incompetence streak a mile wide to try that.

Heck, even look at that last article of yours - the first paragraph reads "Reid was given money by the same people who gave money to Abramoff". How the hell can ANYONE imply that means "Abramoff paid off Reid"?!