Friday, January 13, 2006

It's Not A Problem

This is scary. Smugglers. Drugs or people. Mostly likely both. Still think the border isn't a problem. That it's only people who want a better life coming over? We need a fence that not only goes the entire length of the border, but one that also goes down at least 30 into the ground to stop crap like this. All it takes it one member of al-Qaeda to get through to cause a world of trouble.
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Anonymous said...

So because there are smugglers, it means that all Mexicans who cross the border illegally want to destroy your way of life. So obvious!

And before you say "I'm not saying that!" I ask you to quote where anyone on your blog said that it's "only" nice people who cross the border.

jomama said...

Er, now that the fence is up, what to do about the 1000s of miles of coast line?

Christopher Lee said...

Exactly. The coastline, Canadian border, shipping containers... All need better security, too bad the politicians care more about votes than they do our safety.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just go with your old plan of stopping all imports and immigration Chris? It'd do wonders for your safety!