Friday, January 27, 2006

Passports, Cheap

This is scary. It seems that a Columbian gang has been giving fake passports to people from the Middle East so they're able to get into the United States and Europe. Gee, now I wonder why.
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Anonymous said...

Because the Columbian druglords are some of the most well-organised criminals on the planet. Oh, and because there's profits in it.

Also I should point out that the article says THERE WE NOT connections with Islamic terrorists:

"I don't know what the Colombian information is based on, but if there was any involvement of Islamic terrorist groups, we would be pursuing it to the hilt," said Bryan Sierra, a Justice Department spokesman.

Please don't hype up things unnecessarily.

Christopher Lee said...

Wow, what a shock. You don't condemn it.

Anonymous said...

Condemn illegal passports? I support an open border policy like the one the Brits had until recently.

I will condemn your manipulation of the facts however.